Design research reading list

Books and papers I’ve found useful in getting to grips with design theory and research

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NewsCube ready for testing

The NewsCube prototype is reading for testing and I am on the hunt for people to try it out. Are you interested? I am looking for professional journalists, editors and designers who are working at the interface of news content production and delivery. If you are creating stories, designing interactive features or tackling the issues […]

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Hypertext and news stories

This paper outlines the findings of a small study used to inform the design of a the NewsCube. The analysis of 24 news stories, news packages and content aggregation tools, reinforces previous studies that show journalism has not exploited the potential of hypertext as a narrative device. However, it also reveals opportunities to design news in a way that allows variation in plot, and to use shape as a tool for navigating complex stories. (more…)

Hypertext and Journalism

Hypertext, the underlying structure of the World Wide Web, is under-researched in journalism practice, particularly as a narrative device. While computer scientists and literary scholars have explored the impact of hypertext on narratives, on comprehension and on the role of readers, little of this knowledge has filtered into journalism scholarship.  (more…)

Will the geeks inherit the newsroom?

This paper was presented at the Eighth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, in Los Angeles in January 2012. My argument was that journalists need to learn the language of technology or they risk further eroding their own economic value.